Based in Los Angeles, Greg Ross is an artist and creative director that has quietly made an impact in the fashion world over the years. Ross’ unique and innovative approach to art and design gained him the attention of YE, eventually becoming an integral part of the YEEZY brand. His distinct perspective and design skills developed by spending time at vintage shops while growing up, as his mother was an antique collector, served to develop and further the evolving creative vision of YEEZY.

In 2019, Ross focused his talent on his eponymous label, GREG ROSS, creating comfortable yet refined clothing with an emphasis on silhouette, texture, and color drawn from the worn look of vintage wares. The standout designer has now returned to continue shaping the fashion world with his sophomore Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

The latest seasonal range sees Ross lean into his visionary outlook deeply rooted in the vintage aesthetic of Southern California, marked by detail and quality, along with a commitment to clothing that is both sustainable and ethically produced. Exploring his surroundings and memories, the FW23 reflection of his sensibility is drawn from his personal wardrobe. Establishing the aesthetic universe of GREG ROSS are evocative silhouettes defined by material constructions and thoughtful washes.

Aside from the use of classic camouflage, emotive black and the vibrant red of Ross’ favorite movie, Akira, are found in the engineered garments that emphasize an essential focus on detailing. The exaggerated shoulders borrowed from the shape of the protective shoulder pads found in football build on a utilitarian understanding, while raw edges, lacing, padding, and knot additions further the design language of GREG ROSS. Remaining true to his understanding of form and function, washed heavy cotton styles deliver the relaxed yet rigorous casual luxury leaning of GREG ROSS in a harmony of comfort and refinement.